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Container specifications

Dry containers

Please note there may be slight variations for some containers, as well as limitations regarding acceptance in certain locations.
Please contact us for more information.

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Reefer container

Maintaining a cargo temperature of -27°C/-15°F

Dehumidification system ensuring the optimal humidity inside the container

Controlled atmosphere providing the optimal conditions, improving quality and shelf life

Environmentally-friendly CFC free R-134A refrigerant

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20′ and 40′ flat racks and 40′ artificial tweendecks, have fixed or collapsible end-walls. They are suitable for top or side loading and ideal for heavy machinery, pipes, etc.
20′ and 40′ open-top containers, have removable roof bows and tarpaulin covers.
20′ open-top/open-side containers, have removable side grating, top rails, roof bows and door headers. These containers are specially designed for easy stuffing and stripping. They also ensure effective ventilation.

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